Heavy-Duty General Diesel Repair Service in Louisville, KY

At Superior Towing and Fleet Service, we provide an array of services for heavy-duty trucks and commercial fleets. From preventive maintenance to heavy equipment repair and custom welding and fabrication services, trust us to meet all your requirements.

Mechanic performing general diesel repairs in Louisville, Kentucky

Our Services

EGR & DPF After-Treatment

Are you experiencing check engine lights, head gasket failure, oil cooler failure, or malfunctioning indicator lamps on your truck's dashboard? Minor after-treatment issues that are neglected can spiral into costly problems that eat away at your profitability. At Superior Towing and Fleet Service, we specialize in providing after-treatment services for heavy-duty truckers and fleet operators in Kentucky. From DPF cleaning and EGR valve repairs to DOC and SRC catalyst cleaning, we've got you covered. 

Preventive Maintenance

Keep your truck or fleet running smoothly with comprehensive preventive maintenance services from our skilled team at Superior Towing and Fleet Service. We service vehicles within a 50-mile radius of our location, offering services including oil and fluid changes, filter replacements, after-treatment maintenance, and regular inspections. Depending on your preference, we offer both in-shop and mobile service options.

Our Approach

Imagine a world where your heavy-duty truck or fleet runs efficiently, with maintenance technicians always one step ahead of potential problems. That's what our team is equipped to do. We design comprehensive plans and use data-driven insights to proactively perform repairs before they cascade into bigger issues. 

Our Guarantee

We are experts in the trucking industry and our certified mechanics understand the importance of keeping heavy-duty diesel trucks running smoothly. Your truck or fleet is a significant investment and the last thing you want is unexpected breakdowns or downtimes. Superior Towing and Fleet Service is the solution to your diesel repair needs, providing timely and quality repairs with transparent pricing. We are a reliable choice for all customers passing through our location in Kentucky.

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Our professionals can collaborate with you to create a personalized maintenance plan based on your unique business model and needs. Visit our shop or ask us to come to you, and we’ll get started right away.

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