Heavy-Duty Bus Repair Service in Louisville, KY

Superior Towing and Fleet Service is your one-stop shop for everything bus repair related. Whether you need your air suspension repaired, your brake assemblies adjusted, or your after-treatment systems maintained, Superior Towing & Fleet Services has your back.

Diesel mechanic performing bus repair services in Louisville, Kentucky

Common Bus Repairs at Superior Towing & Fleet Services 

Air Suspension Repairs

Air suspension systems are commonly found on buses because they provide a more comfortable ride for passengers than their leaf spring alternatives. These systems are very similar to those found on a semi-truck, however, they’re often more complicated. Buses often have systems that allow for variable control of your air suspension. For example, some are able to lower the areas of the bus in which the doors are located to make exiting and entering the bus easier. This extra layer of complexity makes routine maintenance and repair very important. 

Air Brake Repairs

Buses carry around people on a daily basis and, as such, braking systems that work perfectly are of the utmost importance. At Superior Towing & Fleet Services, we offer brake services of all kinds. From basic preventive maintenance services to slack adjuster calibration, you can count on Superior Towing & Fleet Services to have your back. So what are some common maintenance items you should be taking note of? Well, number one is certainly brake pad replacements. Over time brake pads wear down and become ineffective. Other items include brake line inspection, air tank inspection, and slack adjuster calibration. 

Preventive Maintenance

Want to decrease your chances of breaking down unexpectedly? Call Superior Towing & Fleet Services today! Our preventive maintenance services range from routine inspections to a full set of oil and fluid services! We’ll inspect your frame for rust, repair minor issues, swap out your old fluids, and even identify issues that may be a concern in the future! 

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