Heavy-Duty Truck Brake Repair Service in Louisville, KY

Superior Towing and Fleet Service offers brake repair and maintenance services for medium and heavy-duty trucks. Whether you’ve got an issue with your drum brake assemblies or a leak somewhere in your compressed air system, Superior Towing and Fleet Service has your back.

Diesel mechanic performing truck brake repair services in Louisville, Kentucky

Common Drum Brake Services

Brake Pad Changes

Drum brake assemblies use brake pads to create enough stopping power to bring trucks as heavy as 100 thousand pounds to a stop. Although brake pads last for quite a while, they need to be changed once every so often. Fortunately, we here at Superior Towing and Fleet Service change brake pads all the time! It’s important to note that you won’t always notice any symptoms as your brake pad wears down. Your slack adjuster accommodates this wear by shoring up any slack created by the worn pad. This is a great way to keep your brake assemblies fully operational, but also makes worn pads hard to spot. Fortunately, at Superior Towing and Fleet Service, we’ve got the tools needed to measure brake pad life. Call today! 

Slack Adjuster Calibration

Slack adjusters are designed to shore up any slack created by a set of worn brake pads. They are designed to work automatically, however, they can and often do malfunction. Symptoms of malfunctioning slack adjusters include poor braking performance, pulling to one side when braking, and farther brake pedal travel. We highly recommend getting your slack adjusters calibrated by a trained professional, for they are an integral part of your drum brakes assembly. One small error can have catastrophic consequences. 

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